Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hall of Hunks

Ladies, did you feel left out yesterday with a Hall Of Hotties? What is with all this Macho crap around here on this blog? There is no love for us women anymore is there. Well, I am going to change that as of right now. Ladies, I am going to give you the Valentine's day present you deserve. A sexy hunk of a man. I know Richard said that there has to be more Hotties, but there also needs to be abundance of some Hunks. So without any further due, The next induction into the Hall Of Hunks is:

Ryan Gosling

Can you tell me a more sexy Canadian then him? I don't think so. The 31 year old actor has touched many of our hearts ladies. I know a lot of women that has cried at his movies. I am one of those women. He first caught our attention when he was just a young Mouseketeer. Yes, he was on the same Mickey Mouse Club as Justin, Brittney and Christina. I wouldn't have minded taking care of that squeaky clean image. He is most known for making us cry in the romantic movie based on a book, The Notebook. Who wouldn't want a true love like that? That is how I have spent my last few Valentines. I buy a bunch of chocolate and eat my sorrows away while watching the Notebook. He is so yummy. He then touched my heart again in Lars and The Real Girl. I wouldn't mind being the real girl. I would love to make him my arm candy. I would like welcome Ryan Gosling into the Hall Of Hunks. Do you want Canuck each other all night?