Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Reboot

This is a dawning of a new era here at The Buzz Kill Blog. I know I have taken some time away from this site, and I wish I could have taken all that time back and give you the material you want. Funny, Stupid, clever, anger, informative, All rolled up in a giant ball and thrown right in your face. Right in The FACE!!!! I have been writing for this thing for two years. The one thing I feel I have lacked is passion lit under my ass. That has changed. This is a new direction. The same ole stuff will be here. I could never stop writing Retro Music Videos. I could never stop telling you who is hot or not. Granted sometimes, i think my writers have a very weird view of beauty. We also need to take a step, that if we can't make everyone happy. We are going to offend you, or upset some of you. That is what sparks a good debate. Maybe, we can a light under a fire under some peoples asses, not just ours. We are going to have more opinion pieces.

I have gone through a lot in the past month. I know that i have taken some risks and they didn't pan out. I have no regrets, just a bunch of stories. The story of January will be posted up Sunday as a Valentines day special. My health has deteriorated over the last month, but damn it nothing is going to stand in my way. Surgery or not. I am a fighter and if you don't like that you can kiss my non existent ass. Sit back and enjoy. This is going to be one wild ass but fun ride.