Sunday, February 12, 2012

Retro Music Video (Feb. 12)

It's Sunday. The weekend is almost over. (insert sad face here) However, maybe in some parts of the land it might snow and you get a day away from things. Well, last night the world lost an entertainer. Whitney Houston died at the age of 48. She was way to young to go. She had an amazing set of pipes and was talented. The day before she died,  if you asked anyone on the street what they thought about Whitney Houston, they would call her a crack whore. Today, she was the greatest ever. Does this really come to a surprise to anyone? It doesn't me. It's sad that her life spun out of control to the point to  where  it did. It's a sad ending to good performer.

Now to Today's Retro Video

What the hell is someone thinking about writing a song stealing someone's wife? That is just plain wrong. In the song, singer Mark McGuinn watches his love interest come out in her bath robe every morning. That isn't romantic, that is pushing levels of getting a restraining order put on your ass. It's very very wrong. Dude, she doesn't even know you exist. That is like me saying someday Rachael Ray will walk through that door right now and asking me to marry her. Hell let any woman walk through that door and make me their trophy husband. Nice try. Plus, do you have to look so creepy when singing this song? That would be like a writer doing a book about a serial killer who kills women, and is trying to date. It makes sense that this is a country song. Here is one hit from 2000, Mrs. Steven Rudy
 this video and song is so bad that i couldn't even find the damn video on Youtube. What the fuck!!! If I ever meet this Mark McGuinn, I will boot in the damn berries.