Thursday, February 23, 2012

Retro Music Video (Feb.23)

Scandals have rocked this country since day 1. Bill Clinton not having sex with that woman. I am glad he could score some young tail. My problem with it all, was how could Monica's best friend be Linda Tripp. There is something wrong with that picture. The Kennedy Assassination. Was it set up by the government or not? Was Kim Kardashian's marriage just a publicity stunt. If those two kids couldn't make it more than 90 days, I know I am screwed. They had true love. It brings a tear to my eye. Finally, getting an email to take down something you wrote cause it could be considered slander.Are you kidding me? This is the internet. That would be like suing Google for not having all the results you want. Anyone can say anything on the internet. Even Carrot Top has a voice on the world wide web. That is a Scandal. And speaking of Scandals, We take a trip in the time machine to 1984. Jim Hellwig would love this song. Points for anyone who knows who that is. Here is the hit Warrior


Jim Dick said...

Less bad music videos and more Richard Isaak opinion and insulting!