Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Retro Music Video (Leap Day)

Happy February 29th to all of you out there in the middle of no where. It only happens every four years. Today is kinda like the Olympics or me keeping an erection. I have come to the determination that I am coolest white guy I know. I mean look at me. I have some damn good street cred. The mean streets of small town Arkansas. I am now part of a gang. Granted, our gang travels around on Vespas. But we strike fear in the hearts of two maybe three on a good week. We don't have any tats showing our gangs logo. We do it a different way. We put our logo cakes that we decorate for the nursing home. It's good to be a white a gangsta. Who the hell am I kidding? I make mayo look like it has been sitting in a tanning bed. I am so white even Casper wants shades to block my radiation. That leads us to today's Retro Video. I feel like there is only song that can perfectly fit in with leap day. We go back to the year 1998 and a certain band called The Offspring. I know many of you and just like me, I am Pretty Fly For A White Guy.