Friday, February 10, 2012

The Sports Talk

I want to congrats the New York "Football" Giants on winning Super Bowl 46. A.K.A the game that no one really cared about but we will watch it anyway. Now, that pigskin is done for a little. That means we can turn our heads to the next big sport. That is only one month away. March is one great sports month. Spring Training begins which means another hopeful but losing season for my Kansas City Royals. However there is one sporting event that I live for every year.  MARCH MADNESS!!!! The greatest sporting event, The NCAA Tourney. Every year 68 teams play for the National Championship. This year hasn't been any different. The same teams you will hear about all the time. Syracuse, Kentucky, Duke, UNC and Ohio State. Well, this is a great crop of teams but I think there are some teams out there that are being underrated and come March, will be scary in the tourney. I think there are 5 teams that are flying under everyone's radar this season. What is sad about this, two of them are in the top 10.

The Big 12 has always been a really good basketball conference but for some odd reason this season they aren't being talked about much at all. Three teams are in the top 10 but only two of them will pose a threat in the big dance. I am a Jayhawks fan. They will always be my team. However, this season their biggest rival is knocking on the door to their possible first final four. The Missouri Tigers are the #4 team in the nation. They haven a small team and a back court that can rival anyone in the country. Marcus Denmon has emerged as one of the top players in the nation. They play a small team and are solid with shooting and will play teams tough. Do not try to play them with a small team. They will burn you all night long. However, the fear with Mizzou on making it to the Final Four. Their last 5 out of 6 games have been decided by 5 points or less. Are they losing momentum? I hope not. Who wouldn't love to see a Kansas Mizzou National Championship?

The other team in the Big 12 that should strike some fear in hearts of teams playing them in the tourney are my Kansas Jayhawks. Really quick, I know someone is going to ask where is the love for Baylor? They are soft. They don't have much depth and will not get far in the tourney. However, this Kansas team is being lead by Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson. Robinson is coming on strong at the end of the year and has been called the nations best all around player. That doesn't change the fact the Jayhwaks are over achievers this season. They have had some stupid losses. Iowa state and Davidson. Bill self always has his team ready for march. They are someone to watch out for.

The ACC is scary. Duke and North Carolina are always the top of the mountain. However, there is one team that has beat both of them this season. The Florida State Seminoles. This team will be one to watch. The are young and have always had a scrappy defense. This season they added a part of the puzzle you don't hear about. The offense. Their leading scorer for the Noles averages 14 points a game. It's a team game going on Tallahassee. They are young and hungry. If they win the ACC it sets them up as a possible solid two seed and someone that is going to be tough to beat

The Big 10 has history in the world of basketball. Michigan State is always there battling for a National Title. However, have they beaten the #3 and #1 teams in the nation? No they haven't but who has? The Indiana Hooisers. Does that sound like they are going to be a dangerous team come tourney time. They are going to be a possible 5 or 6 seed but they can make a run to the final four. Cody Zeller leads this team in scoring and rebounding and is one of the nations top big men. Their back court has deadly accuracy behind the arc.

The Missouri Valley is a mid major. One of the conferences that produces one really scary team. This year it is going Wichita State. WSU is lead by Garrett Stutz and his 14 points game. They are first place in the Valley and have a better record than Creighton, but Creighton is ranked. They are very underrated and have some quality wins. They will be one of those possible 12 seeds that will destroy someone's bracket. It will be mine they do it too.

Keep a watch on these 5 teams over the next month. When your team is placed on selection sunday against one these teams. Better choose against yours.