Friday, February 24, 2012

The Sports Talk

Seriously this is the most boring time to be a sports fan. There really isn't much that will catch our attention. I wish the NFL season was year long but, alas this can't be. However, to my surprise, a couple of news stories or events have broken through to catch my attention. Thank God! I need some big sports news to keep me going. At least they have some things to talk about on my favorite sports debate show, ESPN First Take!!! 

The Denver Broncos front office has to be the biggest bunch of morons in the NFL. John Elway and John Fox will never come around on their young quarterback Tim Tebow. Like him or not, he is a leader and brought together a team that was 1-4 to finish 8-8. He lead them to win a playoff game against the leagues number one defense. Granted, the Steelers were battling injuries, but a win is a win. His number may not be in the Peyton Manning's or Tom Brady's levels, but he wins. I thought the mission of a team was to win. I didn't think it was about his stats. A good leader will find any way he can to WIN. The Broncos organization has named Tebow to be the starting quarterback. Well, at least till training camp. They are going to be bringing in two more QBs to compete for the job. What does this kid have to do to prove that he does belong in the NFL. He should be "The Guy" in Denver. I would even look at it from a money perspective. He as the number one selling jersey in the league, he will put butts in seats at mile high. Does that not mean anything? Not only will he win, but he will make the franchise a lot of money. He is the biggest draw in the NFL. He deserves to be starting quarterback for the Broncos. If you want to talk stats, he has over 300 yards passing against the Steelers. If stats is all we base this on, would you start a quarterback who throws 24 TDs to 23 Ints? Well, the Buffalo Bills aren't bringing anyone in to battle Fitzpatrick for his job. John Elway and John Fox just need to give Tebow the reins and see what happens.

I haven't been a fan of the NBA in years. The last time I honestly cared about games was the 90's. The Bulls, Pacers, Knicks and Jazz had us watching at the edge of our seats. Remember the game where Reggie Miller torched the Knicks for 8 points in 9 seconds? What about Michael Jordan taking the ball to the hoop? We were all watching and loved the game. Since the day Jordan retired from the Bulls, the NBA really hasn't been the same. It was a lack luster game being played by a bunch of rich men. We thought Lebron James would save the game.Instead of trying to win a championship for a city who hasn't had one in 50 years, he goes to Miami to play Robin to Dewayne Wade's Batman. James would have went down as one of the best ever if he won it in Cleveland. now, he will go down as someone else who won a ring with a different team. The last games I truly watched were the 2008 Championship. I was rooting for the Celtics. That was the last full game I watched until two weeks ago. I started catching wind of guy by the name of Jeremy Lin. The Knicks were plagued by injury this season. Their two star players out, someone else had to step up. It was the kid from Harvard. He is averaging 20 points a game with 8 assists. I was rooting for him against the Lakers. I haven't cared this much about the NBA, ever. Jeremy Lin has made the League fun to watch again. 

This weekend marks the start of the NASCAR season. The running of the Daytona 500 will be held on Sunday afternoon. 43 Drivers, only one can win. I am proud of NASCAR fans loyalty to their drivers. It's like we feel about our teams. The popularity of the sport has been in decline since the death of Dale Earnhardt. His death left a black eye on the sport. His accident is what cause the rules being changed to make driving these speed machines more safe. In that decision, came one really huge downfall. The races became more boring. No Intimidation. The reason Earnhardt was loved was the same reason Gordon was hated. Driving dirty, bump drafting, and hitting someone is part of the sport. It is all about winning. The more wins you get the more sponsors you get. The mindset should be really simple. NASCAR has to learn that protecting your drivers and babying them too much is going to lose you money. Drivers like Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt JR, Jeff Gordon, the Busch brothers, and Carl Edawards need to be let loose. Let them race. Dale Earnhardt's death was tragic but these men and women take that risk every time they enter the car. Do you honestly think Dale Earnhardt would have wanted to go any other way? I don't think so.

We have to make a couple of picks going into NASCAR's version of the Super Bowl. Carl Edwards is sitting on the pole for Sunday's race. I am going to pick four drivers that I think will win America's Race. Mark Martin. Yes, he might be getting older but in qualifying he does have a really fast car.  Someone you need to watch out for. The veteran is hungry for his first 500 win. Kevin Harvick. He is sitting in the middle of the field and in a long race like this, that is deadly. He will be looking for his second 500 win. I am going to catch a lot of heat for the next two picks. Danica Patrick. She did qualify 29th for the race but she is sitting in pole position for the Nationwide race. She wants to  prove that a woman can hang with the big boys. Finally, Jeff Gordon. He will make it 7 wins at the 500 on Sunday, and is my pick to win it all. He is driving with a chip on his shoulder. I would not want to be in his path.

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Jim Dick said...

Not taking away from what Tebow did this past season, but I do think we will see some regression next year.