Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Very Personal PSA

We here at The Buzz Kill Blog like to warn you of you some of things that shouldn't be done in life. It is kinda our special gift to you. We keep an eye on the news in all areas. Whether, it is entertainment, local, national, politics, sports, weird news or who the next ex husband of a Kardashian will be , we are on top of it. Well here is a very personal Public Service Announcement!

I know we have all been there. We always put ourselves in a situation that only makes our lives worse. Do you have a friend whose body odor could be a possible start to the zombie apocalypse?  Do you have a friend, that likes to wear sweat pants? Now, there really isn't anything really wrong with that. However, there is if the band of the sweat pants look like a rubber band about to break in three spots. Do you have a "Friend" who likes to stir the pot but can't cook? (It means they like to cause drama. Duh!!!) Do you have a "friend" who is so loud, not only could they wake the dead, but put the megaphone business under? These are they type of friends that you could see on ebay. All they want to do is make you feel bad but as soon as you swing the pendulum the other way, they have excuse after excuse after excuse. If you have a friend like this you have three options. Option one, get rid of their ass. The most simple of the three. You will be happier in the long run. Option 2, keep them around to entertain yourself. If you do choose this option, make sure it is in small doses. You could run the risk, of thinking there are problems with you. Option 3. The option you choose if you have to. You have to keep them around. If this is the case, come up with a kit to help get through this. Bake a shit  ton of cupcakes. When you are out, and your "Friend" opens their mouth, shove the cupcake right in. Now, that they can't talk, pull out a bottle of Ghetto Cologne. (Febreeze for those who don't know.) Spray the fucking shit out of them. Now, they smell a little better and won't run their mouth. You can enjoy that kind of company. I think that is enough to cue the More You Know graphic.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the well said advice. Now I only have to choose.... Hmm....strawberry or chocolate cupcakes....