Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hall Of Hotties

I have been drinking beer all morning. I have to say thank god for proofreaders and auto correct. I am telling you now this is a very dangerous combination. I mean hell, I am going to turn the air mattress I am sleeping on tonight into a water bed. It could be a very interesting night to say the least. I see a lot of booze in my future. That is the best part of Saint Patrick's Day. While I am getting sloshed I thought it would be better to look at a beautiful Irish lass. The next induction into the Hall is one very awesome chick with a very cute voice. The next induction is:
Jennifer Tilly

She is undoubtedly the oldest inductee into the hall at the age of 53. She is like a bottle wine. She only gets better with age. Her acting career began in the year of 1984. That was the year I was born. That makes Mrs. Tilly a cougar in my eyes. She is best known for her role in the Bride of Chucky. Look, even I would have died by the hands of a puppet to potentially have a night with her. I mean the damn doll got to sleep with her. I am so jealous. It makes me sad. She now voices Bonnie Swanson on the hit cartoon, Family Guy. I would also give anything to be Joe. The one upside between Joe and myself, my parts actually still work. Now, you can see her on the poker circuit thanks to husband Phil Laak. She has even won a bracelet. I wouldn't mind showing her my flop, turn and river. We would like to welcome Jennifer Tilly into the Hall. Jennifer if you read this, I know we could have some fun playing strip poker with my rigged deck.