Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Moment of What The Hell

I needed a huge smile after my doctor appointment. The doctor did not give me good new so I needed a day to reflect. I am sorry, guys and gals. I am not trying to leave you out. At least you know what is going on with me more than some of my own family. That is a whole different story for a day really soon. However, this is going to be short. My friend and I were sitting here watching some sports arguing why Roger Goodell is an idiot. A preview for Titanic came on the tv for the showings in 3D. Oh hell. That is 10 bucks that can go to my hooker fund. I couldn't see the first one without it putting me to sleep. Boobs were about the only thing keeping me going through it. My friend turns to me and goes " Did you know there is a second one?" What the fuck? There is a second Titanic movie? What the hell happens in this one? Jack gets on another cruise and admits that he was a gay cowboy. I am watching the second one right now and I must say that Syfy movies have nothing on this. This is the worst movie made and we are only 10 minutes in. The acting is terrible, the green screens are terrible and the boobs just make me lonely. Let me tell you what happens. The boat hits another iceberg and sinks. Yep. That does it. Oh the captain is a pretentious dick!!!


Anonymous said...

Really? how in the hell do they make a sequel to that?!