Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Not So Retro St. Patty's Day Video

We are in a festive mood around here at Buzz Kill HQ. After two days of college hoops, getting ready for day three. There is something that is taking its place around here. Today should be a national holiday. Bust out the Guinness and the green beer, it's time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!!! How many holidays can you just sit around and get drunk with your friends and not have to have an excuse. We are in the spirit of things today. Hell, we even changed our logo so that way we don't virtual pinched. However, we did think about not wearing green cause we are kinky like that. As, we sit drinking a beer before 11, we have to do this holiday right damn it, we decided we needed to get the party started. The last few days were tough on deciding what to choose for a video. We could have gone the retro way and chose U2. The downside to that, they don't really sing songs that make you want to start drinking. That is why this is not so Retro. There is only one band that came to mind for today. Put on your green, grab some booze and let us get the party started with Boston's own Dropkick Murphys. We are Going Out in Style to start the day.