Monday, March 05, 2012

Retro Music Video (The Dumbass Edition)

As I posted the title to this article, I realized that the last day I supposedly wrote a Retro Video was March 5th. Wait a second! Today is March 5th. So, either I went into the future and posted it or I was getting hit by booze. I lean towards the second one. During my fun filled adventure, I was hanging out with a friend of mine who is having roommate issues. They had relations. Not the relations that normal friends have. They had relations of the dirty kind. Well, she had just recently met  his new girlfriend when they decided it wasn't going to work out. The new girl and my friend started having a conversation and found out this guy played them both. Here is my question. Why would you move in with someone you are playing? That is just plain stupid. I have done some dumb things, but this might take first place. The two women have become friends. Both women are very very sexy. I have no idea what this guy was thinking. Maybe I got a chance at a wild and crazy threesome in my future. It's worth a shot. I am lonely, don't judge me. This guy oughta know better than playing two women. That is like paying a hooker that you know she has an std and hoping you catch the least harmful. And Speaking of Oughta know. This Retro Video is dedicated to that guy. We turn to a very beautiful Canadian singer. Here is Avril Lavigne with her 2002 hit, Complicated.


Jim Dick said...

I hate Avril fucking Lavigne!