Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Retro Music Video (March 14)

 Don't forget the NCAA Tourney starts tomorrow. Join one of our Bracket pick them groups. We have two, one on ESPN or Yahoo deadline is tomorrow!!!

I am sitting here watching nerd speed dating on TLC. This makes me realize that when I am ready for the time to come to date again, I have a chance. I have a nerdy boner. Maybe, I can find my very own pin up babe. Here is looking for my very own Bettie Page. I think about 6-9 months ago they had to have some celeb speed dating. The reason I say this is the cause of all the women in Hollywood, that are Preggo. Hillary Duff is expecting very soon. I want you to sit down and think about this. Lizzie McGuire is going to be having a baby. Lizzie Fucking McGuire is knocked up. Who thinks Gordo is the dad? Miranda is going to be pissed. Jessica Simpson is due very soon. That should have been Nick Lachey's kid. It makes me sad that their love could not last. I think it is just a lie though. I think she is just getting chubby and needed an excuse to hide the battle of the bulge. Speaking of ditzy people on MTV, Snooki is having a child. Three things I want to point out here. 1. Someone had sex with snooki unprotected. 2 Someone had sex with Snooki and 3. SOMEONE FUCKED SNOOKI!!! I couldn't even sleep with her dunk. JWOW, that is a different story.  I have some fears for that poor kid. That poor child is going to come out of the womb looking like a damn Oompa Loompa, having a case of the clap and fist pumping till the sun comes up. I think Snooki has been welcoming to many guys legs and ARMS WIDE OPEN!!!!