Monday, March 26, 2012

Retro Music Video (March 26)

Sorry for the hiatus. I have been busy and it has been nice seeing some old friends. They say you can't ever go home. Well, those people need smacked with a giant fish. I am happy to be back. That would explain the trek to the homeland. However, no trip is not complete without something stupid happening. This gladly took place at a Home Depot. Don't you love home improvement stores? We were looking for patio chairs for his house. He took his little car thinking that there would not be a problem. Who drives a Prius anyway? He buys these two bulky chairs and we spend half an hour trying to get them in his car. What a funny situation. It was kind of like being a kid and trying to fit the square in the circle hole. I finally gave up and decided to sit in the parking lot in the newly required chairs. I did this till a friend of mine showed up with a truck. During the span of the wait, I decided I needed to get a tan. I was going to Soak Up The Sun.