Friday, March 02, 2012

Retro Music Video (March 5th)

I think we might have a traveling home for The Buzz Kill Blog headquarters. We found this place by accident but it is amazing but a tad bit tight on space. Our new mobile HQ is going to simple known as The Blanket Fortress Of Sexy. More to come about this in the following days. We are rocking the great city of Fayetteville this weekend and tearing it up.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Not to be confused with the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketch that says, The Penis Mightier. I have learned something about myself in the last few days. No matter what I write or do, I am not going to make everyone happy. It took awhile for this to sink in to my brain. I think I just need some reassurance. I got that today. I think if I offend someone as writer it is only going to make me stronger as a writer. I have learned not everything I do is going to make everyone just full of orange soda and oreo cakesters. The one person I know I need to keep happy is myself. With that being said, today's retro video comes to us all the way from 1994. Here is Des'ree with You Gotta Be