Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Sports Talk

The sport of football has a very long and storied past. The names change, the teams change but the one thing that does stay constant is the hard hitting. Football isn't for the weak. It takes a lot of heart, strength, and determination to be a player of a higher caliber. A week ago a story broke that sent a ripple through the NFL. It was leaked that The New Orleans Saints put bounties out on other players. If a player takes out a certain name they would receive a nice cash bonus. I have heard analyst say that they have had problems with this, However, former players are ok with it. I have a question. What is the big deal about this? The art of the NFL season is that you try to win to get to the big dance. If your statement is to win the Super Bowl, wouldn't you do anything in your power to win it. The Saints didn't have any dirty hits during this time. Well, unless you ask Brett Favre from the 2009 NFC Championship game. It's just part of the game. Have we become so soft that we are losing one of the arts of the game. The “bounty” is done on all levels of sports. Not just in the pros. If you play a team with one powerful player, you do anything you can to make sure they aren't out there. Just as long as you aren't taking James Harrison style of hits, then you are fine. Do it clean. Who cares? It is the NFL. If trying to take someone out bothers you, baseball might be more your thing.

Peyton Manning was released by the Colts yesterday. Peyton was the face of that franchise for the last 14 years. He was the reason that Lucas Oil stadium was built. Every time someone utters the Colts name, you will think of Peyton. However, was this a good idea by the Colts. They are resting the franchise on the shoulders of rookie quarterback from Stanford, Andrew Luck. People are comparing him to Peyton. I think this is ludicrous. I am not taking anything away from Andrew Luck. The kid has a lot of talent. He proved that by taking a very mediocre team to a BCS game. I was looking at the comparisons of Peyton's team in college and Mr. Lucks. The biggest difference is Andrew Luck has three offensive linemen going in the first round. Peyton did not. Do I think Andrew is going to make a good NFL quarterback. No, I don't. My biggest fear is they are going to throw him to the wolves and he is going to bust. I think a quarterback like that should train under a big name. That is why I think the Colts made the wrong move. They will be kicking themselves as well when Peyton wins his second Super Bowl. Where will Peyton end up? There are three teams that I feel are a perfect fit for his talent. The Kansas City Chiefs. A Young running game, a young offensive line and a guy by the name of Dewayne Bowe. If they can also swing Reggie Wayne coming in they could be unstoppable. The Houston Texans are my second choice. They almost make the AFC Championship game. Could Peyton be all they need? The sleeper choice, the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas might have Romo but has he won a playoff game? I think not. Peyton would be back in the dome and playing in Jerryland.

Don't forget next week will be the NCAA Tourney. We will have a bracket contest. Stay tuned for the details on how to join.