Thursday, April 19, 2012

4:20 And More Preview

Tired of being in the fiery pits of reality? Well, we can change your mundane life here at The Buzz Kill Blog!!! How? I am glad you asked. We are doing something that we have never done before. A piece that is going to preview what is going on here in the weeks to come. That should tell you something. We are wanting to really make you, all 11 of our loyal readers, happy or we have nothing else better to do. I kind of vote for both. This is a huge time for us as we are making a leap into more and more around here. Here is a small look at what is to come.

Tomorrow: It's our favorite day around The Buzz Kill. It's the national day of getting High!!!! Join us for a crazy celebration for all things Marijuana. A Hall of Hotties straight from some show set in the 70's. A Hall of Hunks, after you get done reading it the word snoogins will be uttered. A Retro Video, Funny ass video and the first political piece to ever be put up on here. 4:20 should be a really fun day around here. Don't forget to bring the Spongebob!!!

Tired of cliches? We are too. A while back someone told me the sure fire ways of meeting someone. I am going to see if these dating cliches actually work? First one up, Can you actually meet a single woman in the grocery store?

I have taken the time since I was told I am sick, and possibly could be facing the worse, to write out my bucket list. You will even get to see when each one is checked off.

The next trip saga is going to be happening very soon. From Here to Wichita! Stay tuned for more details on that.

We are also going to be doing Sketch Comedy. Be prepared for the Not Ready For Youtube Players

Whitney will be returning very soon with The Dating Diva!!! Need advice for your dating life? Ask the worlds best woman on the subject. Send all your questions to

Last, but certainly not least, the time has come to get back on the stage. If you enjoy all the stupid humor here on The Buzz Kill, you should see it live. Richard Pruitt is taking bookings for stand up shows. If you are interested send an email to

Not to mention all the normal crazy shit you have become accustom to. There is going to be a lot of fun shit happening here on U62!!!!