Thursday, April 19, 2012

Backed By Popular Disgust

 Booty shorts with tennis shoes and painted on mini's with stilettos wiggle in time next to each other.  They line up in a “pick-me” dance to be selected by the gangster wanna-bes and big man on campuses. Oh, and let's not forget Mister goody-two-shoes-but-still- in-the-closet, who needs to take a girl home for the weekend so the folks don't ask too many questions.  It's the sweaty, throbbing, painted-up, marked-up, putrid assault to the olfactory receptors that makes up the 500 block of Joplin Street in downtown Joplin Mo, every Friday and Saturday night.    

While obscenities are shouted, laughter spills out a little too freely, and bodies bump and grind in a sheen of alcohol and narcotic flavored sweat, a ghost drifts into their midst. 

 A ghost of a dying generation. Dressed in heels and an elegant trench she's come to peddle beauty on a stem to the steamed up masses. She belongs to a generation that suffered through storms of dust and economic ruin.  Yet, took care of their babies and did what they had to in order to see change come about. A generation who set up a social welfare experiment to be learned from and improved upon. Not leached off of and railed against. They tried to teach us to reach for the stars, literally, with innovations in space technology. To have the motivation to bring our hopes and ideas into reality. But, the horde of fools presses in on her and began to bump her around with their neglect for respect.

And you are too. You are pushing that generation. Pushing them into the back of your mind, into nursing homes to be a burden on the welfare experiment they created and you are too corrupt to attempt to improve upon, and into the streets late at night unaccompanied to sell flowers to thugs at a meager price in an attempt to still make their own way.  The generation that fed and diapered your parents and lavished attention you, you are flipping the finger to and turning your backs on. They threw you the ball to run with, instead you sat down on it halfway down the field, thought “what a pretty pedestal” and began snapping pictures of yourself for your facebook page. You are consumed with what you want for yourselves. No, what you feel you are entitled to have. Sense of entitlement and gross apathy for the schemes that reign and continue to rise is all too common of a thread. It's weaving poison throughout the land. And you are leaving disaster in your wake.


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