Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Casual Hello

A warm Hello, to all the loyal readers ( and even you non-loyal back stabbers) of the The Buzz Kill blog! Yes, a new writer has come to frolic in the world of flowery metaphors. Not really. I’m just trying to make Richard feel better for using the word frolic. I figure if I can get the word “frolic” in at least three times that should do it. Okay moving on. It’s getting increasingly hard to come up with some sort of pen name, as I’ve already used up about four and my imagination only runs so deep. I mean “used up” as in you would now attempt to beat me with sticks if I tried to use any of them here. Yep, I’m that girl. Therefore, you will get me as I come, and by the name I was given at birth. Angela April. Now you know why I use pen names, huh. I am incredibly excited to join the awesome team of writers here at the Buzz Kill. And I hope you enjoy a good dose of truth along with your giggles. Because that’s what I’m bringing. In fact, I think I’m going to start on my first piece now. It was lovely to make each and every one of your acquaintances and I hope you come back soon to check me out. Not that way perv-o. Well… expect you, the good looking guy all alone in your bedroom with your laptop? Yeah you. You can. 

(Note From Richard: We would like to welcome Angela to our awesome staff. It will be nice to have a new female around the headquarters even though she is old and loves prune juice. Her first day here she was handing out little caramel candies to all the male staffers. She took home a temp. It was very interesting. He told us that a lot of Ben gay was used in places it should have never been used. Oh and one more thing. That lonely guy with the laptop, is probably locked in a room with a deadbolt. Two dogs and is just waiting for the right moment to come out with one of the many women he is playing.)


Jim Dick said...

Where the hell is this headquarters you speak of?

Richard Isaak said...

The last house on the left