Friday, April 20, 2012

Hall Of Hotties

I have no bearings about me at the moment. I have decided that everything can be used as a bong. Including my friend's beagle. You have not loved till you have smoked weed out of a dog. I feel like something is missing today however. I feel like we need to be graced with a sexy lady. Now, if you were reading yesterday and caught the preview for today, you know I said that the woman that would be inducted in to the Hall of Hotties was on a show that was set in the 70's. Well, that is true but it is not the red head from That 70's Show. I am not high enough to induct Kitty. It isn't even a cast member of That 70's Show. I think I can honestly post this and feel safe in saying. SWERVE. However, today's hottie donned some disco pants on Nickelodeon. The next inductee into the Hall of Hotties is:
Candace Bailey
I know what you are asking yourself: who in the hell is Candace Bailey. Well, if you are a giant nerd like my self, she is the newest co host with Kevin Perriera on Attack of the Show. Random thought, Who in the hell is Kevin sleeping with to get all these hot co host. I mean come on. What is your secret. He must have not named his penis after a Star Wars character. I knew mom was right. I should have went with Dr. Who. Candace is the 29 year old actress that became well known on the show Jericho. This will be like any other edition of the Hall of Hotties and we will not spare any expense to be civil. We are just not that type of people. Jericho? I wouldn't mind breaking her walls down if you know what I mean. That was a little uncalled for, huh? She also hosted U Pick Live on Nick. I remember sitting there watching reruns of nicktoons hoping that I could see her grace my screen. The only thought running through my head was making some rugrats. Hell yeah!!! She is now a model and co host of Attack of the Show. She is giving stoned nerds like myself a chance at finding the hottie of our dreams. I am hoping that sometime, maybe, we can find the needle in the oatmeal. I almost would sell one of my testicles for that experience. The upside is that I would have two left to spare. We would like to welcome Candace into the Hall of Hotties. Candace if you read this, please go on a date with me. Dinner, mini golf, a couple of drinks. Then we can go back to my place and I can show you my Boba Fett aka my penis.