Friday, April 20, 2012

It's 4:20 Somewhere

God, I love this holiday. I love the smell of bong residue in the morning. It is not the morning. Son of a bitch. I might be to high to function right now. We are taking down some munchies while watching a movie that should go down as one of the greatest ever. Clerks 2. It makes me want to dance to ABC by the Jackson 5. That just happened to be the part I am at now. I have come to the determination that Rosario Dawson needs to be inducted into the hall of hotties very very soon. However, this day is not going to be the day. In the spirit of things today, I decided that I should pitch an item in the Craving Humor Store. While you are reading this high as a fucking kite, you need a shirt that says It's 4:20 Somewhere. I mean hell, that alone says that the time to smoke is any fucking time. Dam right people. Get some 4:20 gear so you can celebrate all year around. So shit or get off the pot!!! Click the picture and be taken to world of pure inhibition