Friday, April 20, 2012

Retro Music Video (4:20)

4:20 has been amazing for me so far. I don't know how I have done it but I have eaten an entire box of fruit snacks and lost 5 pounds. You can suck my dick science that will say I should be fat. Have you ever met a fat Stoner? I do not think so. Let us keep the party going. I decided to get a group of friends together. Want to know why that is a pain in the ass? People who smoke do not leave their house. Trying to get a stoner out of their house is like trying to get a vampire to join you for tanning. Then, add the fact they are going to have to climb a flight of stairs. I am just asking for a big fat no. However, to my surprise they decided to show up. We are sitting in a small room, that is painted green. There are records hung up on the wall for decoration. I am either in a small person's room, or strangers house. It could be both knowing this group of friends. A 3 foot tall horse is in the room with us. He tried talking to me twice. We brought way too much peanut butter. Wait!!! That is how he can talk. He was the one eating the peanut butter. That is how they got Mr. Ed and Sarah Jessica Parker to talk. It is almost time to sit around in a circle just like the kids from That 70s Show. The joint has been lit. I have learned in the past two minutes that you use your non smoking hand to pass. Well, if that is the case I guess we are going to be Passing The Dutchie on the Left Hand Side.