Monday, April 16, 2012

Retro Music Video (April 16)

Tell me if I am wrong here or not. Beauty is skin deep. True. Beauty is something that is natural. True. If you drink a lot anyone can become beautiful. True on more than one occasion for me. My sister called me telling me about this thing that she browsed on MSN. Honestly, I was in a little bit of shock that people still use MSN for a search engine. It was about celebrity plastic surgeries gone wrong. I don't know how many Janice Dickinson jokes we can actually fit in here but you know all of them anyway. She told me I need to look up the lead singer of the 80s New Wave band Dead or Alive. Wait a damn second, I am an 80s fan. The only thing I could remember by that name was that damn Bon Jovi song. Bad deal since no one actually knows all the words to his songs, just the choruses. Well, I looked him up and this is the picture I found.
Good God man, If Cher and Marilyn Manson had a love baby and then dropped it on its head 34 times a day. This is what it would look like. Why in the blue hell would you want to change your appearance to look like Cher. The only option I can think of in my head is that he wanted to turn back time. No pun intended. Someone actually slept with this guy looking like this. Why? He has one hit. I don't think even brown bagging would with this guy. I feel I am going to throw up just looking at it. Well, today is our proofreaders 243rd birthday. She be old. I wanted to show her the dangers of trying to recapture her youth by going under the knife. Not a good idea, instead I give her a song. Sitting in your office chair, like a record, You spin me round.