Sunday, April 22, 2012

Retro Music video (April 22)

It is Sunday night and what am I doing? I am sitting here with a tiara on my head wishing I was Princess of Geneova and watching the movie Labyrinth. I have two questions here. One, wouldn't I make one pretty pretty Princess? Couldn't you see me in that beautiful long elegant evening gown. Going to a ball with that man whore Prince Charming. What a dick that guy? Is he Mormon? He is with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. That dude gets around. He has to be a walking STD. How many places have that jackass stuck his wiener in. The next time a girl says she is looking for her Prince Charming, I am going to tell them that they are looking for a man whore who will drop you for the next PYT in a gown. The other question I have is, why are babies getting kidnapped all the time in 80s movies? I mean hell, how can these bad guys actually pick on babies that are going to cause world domination. It just makes me sad, and also makes me think that all babies could be evil. That would explain the bald heads. I can't trust anyone with a bald head. That is kind of sad isn't it? Well, I feel like tonight we need a good 80s song to make the night reek of awesome. I have but one thought when I hear Prince Charming's name or see a bald baby one song comes to mind, Highway to the Danger Zone.