Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Retro Music Video (April 24)

A week ago a friend and I decided it would be awesome to take in a show. Not just any kind of show. A show where there was an illusion, music, and a lot of cursing. That eliminated the city of Branson from this conversation. We decided to take in a drag show. I will support any kind of performer. Anyone who can own the stage needs to be watched and these girls need to be watched. I kept telling myself they were men, however they are a lot more girly than the last 5 women I have dated that is for sure. They performed some awesome awesome songs. One of the girls knocked Queen right out of the park. It was amazing. The last song of the night was a Nicki Minaj song. During the girl's performance something hit me and hit me hard. Why is it that when we white people listen to rap music we do this thing with our hand. I want you to put your right hand in the air. You doing that? Good. Now I want to take your index and middle finger to make an L with your thumb. Now I want to move your arm in an up and down motion. We look stupid but we can't help it. Damn you rap music. You might as well keep your arm in that position and listen to the man who caused us white folk to do that. It's all because of The Real Slim Shady