Sunday, April 08, 2012

Retro Music Video (Easter)

HAPPY EASTER from all of us here at The Buzz Kill Blog!!! Time to get some promotion out of the way first. Coming very soon, we are going to start doing movie reviews. We really don't do anything but sit around and watch flicks all day anyway so it is a perfect fit. The review will be called The Reel Buzz. Movies that are in theaters, to new dvd releases, to the movies that no one has seen in forever. We will review them and let you know how terrible they are. If there are any movies you want to see reviewed send us an email at

We are going to be resurrecting a piece from the past. We have the unwritten rules of dating to help you avoid the mistakes of the world of dating. What about those people already into relationships? What do they get on here? Whitney has been bothering me for weeks to bring back The Dating Diva and that is what we are going to do. If you have any questions about dating, sex, or relationships, Whitney will do her best to answer them and give you the advice. Each question you ask, will be anonymous. If you have a question you want to ask, send those questions to Whitney at 

I think I might have attended the craziest Easter Party yesterday. It was a family party. The drinks were being downed quick and fast. Got to love Pepsi!!! The eggs were hidden for the kids to find. The plastic eggs filled with the greatest invention ever. CHOCOLATE!!! Why can't I find a chocolate bunny that is not hollow. That is 5lbs of pure chocolate heaven. I would attack the ears first then have a puffy ball melt in my mouth for hours. That kind of sounded dirty. Well, to make this party go better, on an unrelated note, oreo balls are better than sex. It was an orgasm on my tongue. Back to the story to where I needed to be. Someone accidentally called 911. The fuzz showed up and busted the egg hunt. Little kids were scrambling around like planes in an Arnold movie. They came, they hit a kid with the Taser and left. That really didn't happen. If it did, it would make me giggle. It would be like watching a kid get hit in the face with a Frisbee. Speaking of Easter Eggs, the party was held in a suburb town. We were Rockin The Suburbs!!! Watch for the Easter Egg that says Korn Sucks!!!