Friday, April 13, 2012

Retro Music Video (Friday The 13th)

Have you ever heard a song so many times that it finally imbeds itself in your head to rest there and drive you absolutely bat shit crazy? Have you ever had a song that takes you back to the days of yesteryear? Have you ever had that song that makes you think of a crazy fantasy that (In the words of Country Singer Rodney Atkins) Makes you want to take a dirt road? ( I bet you can take a fair guess that this is not a Ke$ha song.) Not the type of dirt road that is in a rock quarry that is owned by the persons family that is trying to put the moves on you either. The type of dirt road that lets you see the stars in all their awesomeness. The type of night you can see all the stars. The only light is form the glow of the moon. It is the perfect setting is it not. However this is real life. In all honesty, the setting would be in your bedroom. Zits are covering your face and the woman of your dreams is really a blow up doll named after the girl I had a crush on in high school. Did I say I? I meant um you. That is it. I meant you. I remember the song that set the mood perfectly between me and … Do you really think I am going to admit my biggest high school crush on here? You must be intoxicated. At least that year I was merely a Freshman.

The Verve Pipe "The Freshmen"

The Verve Pipe | Myspace Video