Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Sports Talk

It has been awhile since I have written anything sports related. I have to say that is very sad. A lot has happened since then. Three things have really caught my attention since the last time I put up a Sports Report. Simply put, this could be called, The Good, The Even Better, and The What in the World Were You Thinking.

I know I am late on this, but did anyone catch The Masters this year? I know golf is not the most entertaining sport in the world, but on that day I became a fan of Bubba Watson. I was sitting with my friend watching the playoff for the Green Jacket. Hole 10, his shot to put him on the green, will be remembered forever. After he sank the put to win his first major, the tears started to flow. Winning that golf championship couldn't have happened to a better guy. His newly acquired signature to his golf game, the Ping Pink Driver, made him someone to take notice of. The club is to help get out awareness for breast cancer. It shows that he has a big swing and an even bigger heart. Plus, how can you root against someone who has a General Lee. I have to thank you Bubba for making me and hopefully some other Americans, love the game of golf again. All sports need more Bubba Watsons.

The NFL Draft is about a week away. The number one pick belongs to the god awful Colts team. Releasing their star player in hope to build for the future. The name on everyone's board is Andrew Luck. However, I have to say that he would not be my pick. I am not taking any thing away from the kid. He is going to be special in the league and win games for a franchise. I can't say a Super Bowl due to the fact that we don't know how he will play on the pro level. If I am the Colts though, Picking Andrew Luck would be going down the same road as having Manning. It is time to go in a completely different way. If I am Indy, I am taking Robert Griffin III. I know what you are thinking, this guy must be nuts. I feel he is the better athlete and will do more to help a franchise win games. The comparisons to Vick just bothers me. RGIII is a throw first quarterback and will scramble if he has to. He is great on the run. I have a feeling he is going to have a better career and is the more pro ready player. Do not give the argument of the Wonderlick test. Luck had an amazing score but do we really value test scores in life. Sorry but that kinda seems asinine to me. Whoever the Colts get will be talented, but I feel Griffin is the better choice.

What were you thinking Bobby Petrino? You should have just used the fact that the crash happened on the first, and said it was just a joke. If you are at a job, and get caught lying, we both know you are going to be terminated. One difference between a job at McDonalds and coaching college football, at McDonalds you are not in the national spotlight. College Football coaches are the face of that school's programs. The story coming out that you lied to the school that signs your fat multimillion dollar checks, shows what kind of man you are. The University of Arkansas did the right thing in firing him. How many parents would actually let their children go play for someone who is supposed to teach them about life and morals, when he himself does not have any. You have to be a great coach to be able to recruit the nations top players. You have to have a great coach to compete in the SEC. I am not taking anything away from Petrino in that aspect of things. That is not what college is about. The only people who care about winning are the fans, but there is so much more than that. Bobby Petrino not only lost one of the best jobs in the country, but may never work in football again. I take that back, Oakland has a revolving coach door.