Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's On The Menu?

There is one thing that ties all of us writers together here at The Buzz Kill. We have one thing that we all love and can't get enough of. That one thing is food. In fact, you could call us all a bunch of foodies. Breakfast, lunch or dinner we are excited if there is a plate of food in front of us. That is why we are going to start reviewing restaurants so that you,the lucky person going out, can choose an awesome dining experience. We are going to be looking at three things that make these eating establishments something to be experienced or left alone. 1. Atmosphere. Nothing can make or break a place like a first impression. 2. Service. Are your drinks refilled, are you being taken care of in your dining experience. 3. Food. Is the food worth your hard earned money. Each part will be graded on a scale of 1-10, with an overall grade to follow. The one rule we will have in all of this is that there will not be chains. Most chain restaurants are all the same. We are starting off with two places from the city of Joplin Missouri. An Italian restaurant by the name of Caldone's and a gourmet hot dog eatery called Instant Karma.

Caldone's is located on main street in Joplin Missouri and is also along historic route 66. They offer Italian food on weekdays and weekends they serve a brunch buffet.

Atmosphere. When you walk in Caldone's you get feeling that you are entering a very quaint eatery in a small city in Italy. The art work on the walls is portrayed as windows looking into very beautiful country side. A nice atmosphere if you are trying to have a nice romantic date with someone. The inside puts you in the mood for a nice glass of wine. I was very impressed. I give the atmosphere a very strong 7.5.

Service: The one thing that will drive me the craziest the fastest is having an empty glass. This should only be a problem if the place is busy. There were only three tables with people at the time we were there. It shouldn't be that difficult to refill a glass. I, apparently, was wrong. The waitress who we could hardly hear anyway, took my glass for a refill. I waited. I waited. I waited some more. We waited for over an hour for our food, and I waited 45 minutes of that hour for a sweet tea. She only came to the table a couple of times in the span of a very long hour. It was kind of sad to see this in a place that takes supposed pride in the way they serve. It really took away from the experience. Service gets a 3.

Food. Do not put something on the menu if you are not going to fix it. That is a big problem in the food industry. You would never see KFC, look at you and tell you they do not have chicken and to pick something else would they? I think not. If you are going to have something on menu, fix it for the customer. A small personal pizza was ordered. After waiting 45 minutes already, we were told that it would take another 20 minutes for the pizza cause they don't have the dough fixed up. Should that not be on the prep list for the day? If it is on the menu, fix it. After the painfully long wait the food arrives. I ordered the Chicken Scaloppine. I was expecting quality food after the long wait. Instead, I got a piece of chicken covered in a very bland sauce tasting like a boneless breast from KFC. The whole meal was like trying to eat a cardboard box with mushrooms. I give the food a 2.

If you are going to have a nice drink with someone special Caldone's is ok. If you are going there to try to have a nice meal you will be very disappointed. Overall, I give Caldone's a 3.5 and that is being nice. The atmosphere is what saves this place.

Instant Karma is located on main street in Joplin Missouri. It is not noticeable however unless you are paying very close attention. Their main specialty are 100% Angus beef hot dogs prepared in some very awesome ways.

Atmosphere. On the outside it kind of looks like your run of the mill downtown restaurant/bar. However, it is far from it. In the side windows as you are walking up to the door you will see art work presented. I almost thought I was walking into a coffee shop. Once in the doors the theme is very quirky art work, it will grab your attention right off the bat. It was really nice seeing a modern decoration style in an eatery. It felt like you were going to have much more of an experience than just eat and leave. Who doesn't love a good 90's song playing while you are waiting. I give the atmosphere an 8.

Service: This is going to be a little different that a normal restaurant. You order your food at the counter and they bring it to you. It almost has the old school diner feel to it. Retro and modern. Gotta like that combination. We get up to counter and the woman taking our order was amazing. She was joking around with us. It's everything you want in an experience. If your drink gets low, you get your own refill. I knew that was going to be plus with what I ordered. More in a second. She did keep checking to see if we were ok, and did the same with everyone else in the place. The food was delivered fast and was overall a great experience. I give the service an 8.

Food. I have made it a mission to eat at places that are for lack of a better term, awesome. Peanut butter burgers, Spaghetti, a vegetarian menu. They have it all but I was here for their specialty, the hot dog. I ordered myself the Angry Red Neck. This is a hot dog wrapped in bacon. Bacon makes everything better. Covered with Bully Porter Chili, Bleu Cheese coleslaw and jalapenos. Now, you know why I was excited about the drink refills. I also ordered some chili cheese fries. This was a chili filled meal. I looked at my food for a second. I was amazed that the fries were shoestring. That right there is a huge bonus. Took a bite of my dog. I can't argue this. Best Hot Dog I have ever had. The chili cheese fries were just as good and even better the next day for lunch. Honestly, some of the best food in the Joplin area. I give their food a 9.5.

Instant Karma is one place that you have to go out of your way to try in Joplin Missouri. I don't care where you are from and reading this, drive here just to experience their menu alone. Overall, one of the best food experiences I have ever had. I give Instant Karma a 9 out of 10.

We will have more places in the coming future. We want you to inform you on the best places you have never had and keep you from going to the worst.