Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Big Bowl Of Random

I am sitting here kinda in a sleep deprived coma. I get to make up for all the lack of sleep tonight, and tomorrow celebrate with a never ending amount of beer. I am gonna get so wasted I have a fear that I might try dubstep. That is something that none of you want to see.... unless it is videotaped and put on some site called youtube. I was laying here thinking about where I was a year ago and the difference between then and now. Welcome to The Really Big Bowl of Random. Yes, let out those groans silently. This piece is like herpes. You can't get rid of it and it comes back when you don't want it to.

One year ago, I was lying in a hospital bed from throwing up blood for over 12 solid hours. I was blacking out 3 or 4 times an hour. It was very traumatic. This year, I am throwing up tainted banana pudding that I had at the oh so delectable, Ryan's buffet and thinking that 12 hours of not being conscious sounds amazing.

One Year Ago, I walked twenty miles in a thunderstorm to prove my love to someone. The wind was blowing, I was being pelted by hail and other rain. I was then told that people train all their lives for the Olympics to only finish in second place. She didn't want to see me, it could have also been that she was married. Either way. This year, I walk down 20 steps to the fridge. I am still single, just haven't found the right lady for the position. The number 1 quality now being looked for? Not Married.

One Year Ago, I used to cry myself every night to sleep. I was worried that the 8th season of The Office would suck without Steve Carrell or I was depressed. I am leaning to the second one. Actually, I know it was the second one. This year, I cry myself to sleep every night. Not much has changed other than the fact I cry a lot. Oh god, I am as emotionally stable as a teenage girl. Crap

One year Ago. I was thinking about moving out of the Jonesboro area and move to a new place so the opportunities would be endless. Needless to say that fell flat on it's face. This year, The only moving I contemplate is getting up to get me something to drink. Hold on one second. It's hard to type and drink out of a bendy straw.

One year Ago. I used to watch porn on my laptop cause that is all I could find to pass the time. This year, I watch porn on my laptop and find holes in the story. Ok that sounded really dirty.

One year ago, I was lying in a hospital bed (Yes, I know a repeat.) working on this very site so you the loyal reader, all of 10 of you would have something to read. This year, I am lying in a bed working on this very site so you the loyal reader, all of 11 of you. (We gained 1 in a year!!!) would have something to read.

I need to go to bed before this becomes 32 pages. Good night Cleveland