Saturday, May 05, 2012

Hall Of Hunks

Even though he was born to an Italian father, it is his Cuban mother’s side that is bringing the Latino Lothario that has been chosen for the next inductee into the Hall of Hunks notoriety ( with me, anyway).   Believe me, he can fry my frijoles, give me mouth-to-mouth, pull me out of a burning building, or slip me his, uh, I mean a hotdog, anytime. Born in Union City, New Jersey and raised for a time in Cuba, he is known for his Care-free and “class clown” type persona off screen and often on screen too. He has taken the unconventional road to stardom. You will have seen him in many a guest spots on shows such as Law & Order, a regular running stint on Third Watch, and Cold Case among many others.  And movies such as The Guru, The Station agent, and The Bone collector just to name a few. No matter what the setting, one thing is absolutely certain. Every time Bobby Cannavale’s face appears on screen my heart goes into triple time.

Seriously, the man is close to Demi-God status. The epitome of Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Not to mention a goof-ball. Somehow a goofy acting, hot as hell man, is just that much hotter. I blame the nerd in me for that one. But, I don’t think a single lady out there can blame me for this induction. He makes you just want to hug him…and then linger a bit too long, in hopes it may go a bit further,…and further…and. Well, you get the picture.

Welcome to the Hall Of Hunks, Bobby Cannavale!!!