Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hall of Hotties

I am having a tough week boys and girls. I know what you are doing. You are looking away so that way you don't have to hear what is going on. Well, to bad. Let me start by a follow-up story to something that happened a couple of days ago. If you read The Ballad of the Orange Sneaker, you know that I gave a girl my phone number. I have some bad news. She never called or texted. It made me a sad panda bear. I have came up with three reasons as to why. 1.) She had a boyfriend. I bet out there right now, some guy wants to kick my ass for hitting on his girl. I highly doubt this is it. Have you seen me? I strike the fear in the hearts of none. 2.) She lost the card with my number on it. Maybe it was accidentally thrown away in the garbage somewhere or she misplaced it. She could be wondering if she will ever see that awesome cute stranger ever again. Option 3 (and the one I am going with.) She was abducted by aliens. It seems like a logical closure point, correct? Well, it has had me down for a couple of days. Then it hit me. There are two things that will cheer me up. One, finding a woman to have some fun with or writing a new Hall of Hotties. As you can see, I chose the Hall. I didn't want to let you guys down. The Next induction into the Hall is:
Kaley Cuoco 
 Kaley is a 26 year old actress from the town of Camarillo California. She became a house hold name for being Sexy, on the hit ABC show 8 Simple Rules. The sex jokes are what really make these in my opinion. I think I might be losing my touch. I have no joke for 8 Simple Rules. It's kind of sad isn't it? If I only knew how many rules it takes to get in the bedroom. My guess is 61. If I have done my math right that makes 69. Nope, I still haven't lost my touch. She went on to star as Billie Jenkins in the last season of the show Charmed. A show about witches. I am thinking that I have a magic wand Kaley could use to cast a spell. That is two for two. She is most famous for her role as Penny on the CBS show The Big Bang Theory. That is just way too easy. So instead, a mathematical equation. Kaley + A bottle of wine + one stand up comic (It's Me!!!) + the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club = Still not going to happen. She is way out of my league. That is why we change the wine to tequila. I have a chance. The Buzz Kill would like to welcome Kaley into the Hall of Hotties. If you read this please note I will replace The Breakfast Club soundtrack with the one from Weird Science if it will help.