Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hall Of Hunks

I’ve spent the last ten years doing something that I just happened to stumble into one day, although there was a little bit of family history in the industry, and have been pretty passionate about it. I am at the burn out point though, and I need to make some life changing decisions. So with that plaguing my mind, I chose to turn to a source to take my mind off of it for a little while. TV. I am not a big TV watcher in general. However, once upon a time ago in a far away land that bordered on stalking, it was once mentioned that a certain friend of mine resembled the next Hall of Hunks inductee. So of course I had to look him up. And watch his show I did from that point on. Not only is he as hot and steamy as a Louisiana afternoon in mid-August, but he strikes so many chords in my heart for so many reasons. I grew up with a boy who had a very similar style. In fact the interior of his 1979 Camaro was decked out in skull and barbed wire motifs. A Danzig skull with red LED lights for eyes hung off the rear view mirror and barbed wire surrounded the center console. I only lost about four Route 44 drinks from Sonic due to puncture wounds on the bottom before I figured out not to sit them there. So large silver skulls and lots of black leather have always had a special place in my heart. The huge kicker for me, the ultimate science nerd here, is that he is too!!!

With a mad passion for the job he does, he takes it way beyond average and actually knows the scientific reasoning behind the methodology. Which enables him to act more as an animal avenger than an exterminator. Sure, he’s able to eliminate the pest problem for his client, but he relocates the animals whenever he can, and he uses products that are specifically poisonous to only the pest he is treating for. No toxicity for humans.  And that is why Billy Bretherton  a.k.a  Billy The Exterminator, Rocks!!!

Now that you’ve had a moment to take a gander at his slim frame you know why he is a Hunk. Oh yes, ladies, I’ve been watching him wrangle snakes on TV all day today. And I really want to make some sort of sexual reference to that, but I just can’t. Why is that? I’m glad you asked. He is just such a good man. It would feel like I was degrading him in some way.  In fact I just realized while writing this sentence, that I have a small bit of hero- worship going on here. So while what you can see in the photograph is stand alone enough for the hunk title, it’s what he exudes in his up-beat, happy personality that is the clincher.

Dear Billy,

If you ever read this, I hope you like it.

If you ever leave your wife, call me.