Monday, May 28, 2012

Hall of Hunks

As we remember the brave men and women who walk the wall and jump into action at a moment’s notice so we can sleep peacefully at night with the knowledge that we are protected, it brings to mind, at least for me, buff men dripping in tactical gear with high and tight haircuts. Meow. It’s a very primal instinct, I’m sure, but a man who not only would kill, but is actually capable of killing, anything that threatened me is a major turn on. So along that line of thought comes the next inductee into the Hall Of Hunks. He was actually inducted previously, however, when you read the piece it seemed more like a roast than induction. So here is to the man who was selected to play America’s ultimate soldier on screen.  When he is burning up the screen as Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, there is an undeniable heat wave passing through the Southern region of every female watching, the deep South. As Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, he nearly breaks my heart in half with all his wholesome hotness.  That’s right Chris Evans has had the opportunity to play (and has consequently caused my extreme pleasure) two Stan Lee characters.

To be completely honest Captain American is almost too good for me to have a nerd crush on. He’s just so wholesome. But, it is Chris Evans in the role that makes me drool. Piercing blue eyes, bulging muscles, and please, please do not forget that smile, but then again…how could you? It really is unforgettable. Please welcome Chris Evans (back) to the Hall Of Hunks!!