Monday, May 14, 2012

A Public Service Announcement

We here at The Buzz Kill Blog HQ, get into some very heated debates at what is plaguing our society as a whole. The things we have seen would baffle the normal everyday person's mind. That is why we go to great links to warn you of doing something stupid. That is why we are here today. We want to warn you about something before you head out into the real world. It could be anything from dating a Kardashian, to sending text messages, and to even douches who get 18 restraining orders against them. So please sit back and read this very special Public Service Announcement.

Men (or lesbians. Don't want to be like North Carolina and leave you out), have you ever been dating that special woman. They have the most beautiful hair in the world and all of a sudden one day you walk into the surprise of your life. She got all her hair chopped off and it kinda looks like Justin Bieber's? Why would you cut your hair off to that length? There are only three legit reasons to do that. 1. You are going into the military. GI Jane did it so why can't you? Let me tell you why, Demi Moore not that attractive and she landed the man who took over Charlie Sheen's role. I still believe one giant conspiracy theory. 2. You have cancer. No jokes. Or 3, You're Justin Bieber. In all honesty I believe he is a 24 year old woman. I have heard the excuse that you do not have time to fix it. Really? What makes you so busy that you can't I don't know, say put your hair in a ponytail. It is not rocket science. I am not talking about short women's cuts  here. I am talking about the women who get the men's cuts and still hit on me. I want you to take this into consideration. You are with a guy, things are going great. You go back to his place. One thing leads to another and it is baby making time. On top everything is fine, on bottom, everything is fine. You ask for doggy. Right in the middle of one giant thrust, he has an epiphany. Having sex with a girl with a men's haircut is like having sex with a teenage boy. It is just plain creepy. The next time ladies you are thinking about a haircut just put in pigtails and call me. Cue the more you know graphic.... Damn I need to get laid.