Monday, May 21, 2012

Retro Music Video (May 21)

I have come to a realization. You can almost say I had an epiphany today. Damn, do I miss the 90s. I was looking at old shows on youtube earlier and having some flashbacks pop in my head. Do you remember the show Supermarket Sweep? Holy shit. Contestants would be able to race around a grocery store filling up their carts with hams and baby diapers to see who could spend the most in 3 minutes. Do you know what we call that show today? Extreme Couponing. Here is one from the good ole days not many of you will remember. The show Wishbone. A dog who talks, big stretch to get kids to watch. How can we get more kids viewers, Steve? I got it!!!!Talking Animals. He went traveling through books. Do you know how many book reports I was able to do because of this show? I don't think I read a book my entire 4th grade year. Seriously kind of sad. Speaking of that, in 6th grade I just wrote what the backs of the books had on it for my book reports. Let this be a lesson to you youngsters out there, being a teachers pet when he hates the class has it's perks. Shit, I was able to pass notes in class right in front of our teachers face. Why? Cause I reek of Awesome. I found an episode of one of my favorite kids shows on youtube. It was a music episode. Not only did it have awesome music but one hell of a great episode in general. I wonder if when I go underwater, do I get wet? I know who does know. Particle Man!!!