Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Retro Music Video (May 23)

I want to get this off my chest. I am sexy. That is all. In 1998, I had to stay home from school. I was sick. It sucked missing a day of school. (cough Cough) When I did stay at home let me tell you how a normal day would go. I would get to sleep till my mom had to go the store. Then I would turn on some music, Try on her clothes, Call my Best Friend who really was sick. I talk him into stealing his Dad's car. We would then convince our principal that my girlfriends grandma had died. By the end of the day I'm singing in a parade and the rest is history. Wait a Minute!!! That's the plot of Ferris Bueller. I would just sit and look into space. I did however enjoy watching Talk Shows. I couldn't feel better unless my day had some Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Maury and Jerry Springer. One of my dreams. Still is. I have to get this off my chest. Maury does some of the best paternity test shows on television, Have you seen the show that you have to guess the gender? I swear that will make a man question his sexuality in less than a second. Rebecca is smoking hott. Rebecca are you a man or woman. I say before the reveal. "She is all women. I would tap that." She says "I'm all man"  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why?! So this year, on this very weekend my roommate is taking a small vacation because she needs to get back to nature. My guess is she is going to do some tribal dancing and smear blood all over her chest. I think she will make some chants to a some hippie goddess kind of thing. Sacrifice a virgin...Daiquiri. I get the entire house to myself. What is a guy to do besides put on some new socks and Risky Business slide across the hardwood floor. Youtube video will be in the future. I also realized with no one else here. I am going to invite some peeps over and get trashed. Why would I do that? Cause We Like To Party.