Saturday, May 26, 2012

Retro Music Video (may 26)

Hope all of you are having a bad ass Memorial Day Weekend. While some of you are off gallivanting, getting your party on at the lake. I got to chill by myself and prepare for a very fun next two days for all of you readers, all 11 of you. Two new inductions into the Hall Of Hunks. Yes, Ladies, you read that right. Not one but two hunky dudes coming your way. A hottie will be gracing the Halls as well. Summer pretty much begins with this weekend. You do not want to mess up your chance of having one of those Summer Nights. My mission in life is to get it on to the Grease soundtrack. The next installment of The UnWritten Rules of Dating will help you not fuck up your chances. Your favorite foul mouth cartoon character will be back with An Open Letter to a certain store in the Mall. All this and much more coming tomorrow and Monday.

Now, on to the fun stuff. I have decided that if I were a teenager in the 80s, I know where I would have spent most of my time. I would have been the typical mallrat. I would have been Brodie, carrying around my little paper cup everywhere I went. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn for Sega. I know I would have been hitting on girls in the food court. Trying not to get violated by the guy sticking his weirdly shaped cock through the glory hole in stall 4. Each day, I would be eating a cookie and drinking some sort of drink that would have been blended. Something like a smoothie. My friends and I would shop for awesome things. If I had a date there, we would sniff candles so I can show her my softer side. Speaking of softer sides, we would always park at Sears. That would be the life. Instead, I am 27 and sitting alone on a Saturday night with my frozen pizza and watching episodes of Psych. Yes, it's kinda Ironic isn't it?

 About time right?