Thursday, May 31, 2012

Retro Music Video (May 31)

It is the last day of May, anyone else excited that June is almost here. That can only mean one thing. We are one month closer to our deaths. Wow, that was kind of sad to say as the part of the piece isn't it? Well, let me make myself politically correct here. June is the month that most people get married. The last day of the rest of their lives. Wow, again. This is sounding very very depressing isn't it. Let me try this again. Have you ever been somewhere shopping and you hear a song? The first thing that runs through your head is the fact that you haven't heard that little Diddy in years. The next day you hear it somewhere else. The next day you hear it again. The next day you hear it again. By this point there is no doubting it that this song has hit annoying levels. It's like every Nickelback song ever played on radio. Nickelback, The Nicholas Cage of music. Their stuff isn't great but it isn't bad either. It's just kinda there. You own it but never actually listen to it. Just sits there cause you don't want to be the only person not owning it. Damn falling to peer pressure. That is kind of what happened to me. I feel like there was a higher power trying to communicate with me telling me what to pick for the next Retro Video. Going back to the weddings, how many guys have had actually had flowers bought for them. Richard Simmons and anybody who works for HGTV does not count in this argument at all. Hopefully you are a woman who isn't having to choose between two guys for that June wedding. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Unless you are a fatty or it's your birthday. That means for your special day you are going to have to choose between Two Princes

This had no unity at all. The reason I had no fucking clue where to go with this. I started writing it and I got offered some ice cream. I am a chubby kid, don't judge me.