Monday, June 11, 2012

Bath Salts and Blackouts

The last few days have been hell on earth on my body. I thought maybe I was just sleep deprived and that was causing me to have a couple of spells. I apparently was wrong. My health is starting to take a small turn for the worse at the moment. I have blacked out more in the last couple of days. I have another appt coming up very soon. Hopefully they will figure something out soon. I think part of my problem is that I might have digested some bath salts that were purchased from Bed bath and Beyond. I am being tied up in the closet for the next few days so I don't eat anyone’s face off. It wasn't that type of bath salts? My bad. I will be back hopefully sooner than later. I wanted to let you guys and gals know, all 11 of you that I haven't forgot about you. Don't You Forget about me.