Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't Touch That Dial

I am very passionate about a few a things in my life. One of them would be this website. The other is how many hot wings I can eat in under an hour. If you have never seen this tried by me. It might be time to go out of your way to experience the awesomeness first hand. One thing I do take great pride is the fact that I am a pop culture whore. I love everything that has to do with it. There are truly three big pieces to the pop culture puzzle. There is music. It shapes our soul into sizes that won't fit in some doorways at all. The Movies. Nothing like spending half a paycheck going to see something that last only an hour and a half. The prices are outrageous. However, there is a third option and my personal favorite. Nothing, beats popping some popcorn grabbing an ice cold Pepsi (cheap plug for a sponsorship) and enjoying the small screen. I love television. I love everything about. Sitcoms, dramas, reality, game shows, sports, I will watch it all. A small story into how much I love television. I was truly taught how to read by watching The Local Forecasts on The Weather Channel. Is that not cool or what. My love for TV has made me wonder why I haven't done something for the site about the boob tube. Finally that has changed. This is the debut edition of Don't Touch That Dial. (Applause) We are going to look at the good, the bad and the just plain weird from television from time to time. Today we are looking at some of the good.

Television is dominated by the big 4. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. These are destinations for all television watchers. Some of the biggest shows in the country and the world are on these networks. What about the cable channels that usually don't get to be discussed. Some of their shows have more entertainment value than the dredge that keeps coming on the big 4. Here are 4 shows that are not on the big 4 that you need to go out of your way to see. Trust me you will not be disappointed if you do.

I have a special place in my heart for shows that make me laugh. I love making people laugh so anything that can do the same for me is going to be a winner in my book. Wednesday nights on the E! Network, get served up a bowl of the dumbest things in Hollywood, Reality TV and much more with The Soup. The format for this show is very simple. Take a clip form a television show that will leave you scratching your head and make fun of it. Joel McHale is sarcastic, very witty and wears some bad ass skinny ties. The show has been on the network since 2004 and earlier if you count Talk Soup. It had the same format but the clips were just from talk shows. No one is safe from being ridiculed by The Soup not even Oprah.

I never watched PBS very much. Nothing on there ever appealed to me. That is until, I found Antiques Roadshow. This show was fun but seemed to be lacking any sort of personality at all. It was dry and it does get very boring very quickly. Shows that are like this have started popping up all over cable. History has Pawn Stars. One of their most popular shows. However, the format is still the same. I was looking for something just a little bit different. A&E comes out with a show you need to see if you haven't. Storage Wars. The show is based around 4 main players trying to buy storage lockers so they can see the items inside to make a profit. I know you have heard someone yell YUPPPPPPPPPP! That is referring to the trade mark used by Dave Hester. A pompous ass that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Darrell Sheets is known as the gambler. He will jump on lockers that no one else will truly buy except Barry Weiss. That guy is one of the huge reasons I watch the show. He is a great character for television and come across as someone you want to have a beer with. Last but not least, the couple tandem of Jarrod and Brandi. Watching them bicker of how much to spend reminds me of my longest relationship. A very fun show and you have to see what they find.

I am not a fan of cop shows with the exception of NCIS and that is pushing it. However, if a cop show intrigues me to stay with it through 3 seasons is kind of impressive. USA has been putting on its network good show, after good show. In Plain Sight does not count in this argument. Thank you. I remember watching the first episode of the next show on this list and was just left in awe when Neil Caffery escaped from prison. White Collar follows an FBI agent who teams up with a White Collar criminal to bring down other criminals that are art thieves and embezzlers. I have always been big on the fact the a season finale should make you sad that the show is over for the season. White Collar has done that to me now on three separate occasions. The twists and turns that you find out will blow your mind. How often can you watch a show and predict the next move that happens? I can honestly say, you will say to yourself, didn't see that one coming.

The final show that you need to go out of your way to see also comes from the USA Network. I know many of you have seen The Mentalist. I personally do not like that show and for those who don't there is an amazing alternative complete with great storytelling and humor. PSYCH. The fake Psychic detective that solves crimes for Santa Barbra Police Dept. I don't say this much. There aren't many casts that when they come together they are a perfect fit. Seinfeld, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Married with Children, The Big Bang Theory, to name a few. Well, Psych deserves to be on this list and almost at the top of it. Every actor and actress has chemistry with their counter. A cop show that also doesn't do the cookie cutter storyline of murder, solve, done. The cases to change vary. If you are a fan of quick wit and a show that will make you laugh and think (which is hard to do in today's times) you have to check Psych Out.

I guess that wraps up this edition of Don't Touch That Dial. 3 of the 4 shows listed are on Netflix, spend your Friday night with loved one curled up on the couch watching the greatest invention ever.