Friday, June 15, 2012

Hall of Hotties

If you joined us yesterday you know that we have launched a campaign. We will not rest. We will not give up. The day will come that Pepsi will bring back the awesomeness that is Crystal Pepsi. You can follow me on twitter @cravinghumor help us spread the word to bring back this awesome drink. #crystalpepsimustlive The mission is to get that rending world wide on Twitter. I know we can do it. Now that we got the formalities out of the way, let us move on to something that will heat up your Friday night. A sexy woman. Damn straight. Canada. They have given us many wonderful things. Maple Syrup, the television show Corner Gas, (If you have never seen an episode go out of your way to see it. The show is just plain awesome.) fries with gravy and Anne Murray. The next inductee comes from the country with a maple leaf on its flag. (I going to tell you now there will be a lot of Canada jokes in this one.) The Hall of Hotties would like to welcome the beautiful:
Cobie Smulders
 The 30 year old actress from the Great White North, trust me that would be happening every night. Good God, is best known for her portrayal as Robin on the show How I Met Your Mother. She plays a news reporter that Ted Mosby decided to tell I love you to on the first date. I would have done the same thing after I got to second base. Telling a girl I love You after the first kiss is like buying a car by just sitting in the driver seat. Her character was also a pop singer in Canada know as Robin Sparkles.  Ecstasy. The drug. Not sexually not until we built sandcastles in the sand. Sand in places that sand should never go. I will take all that raw skin for a good time on the beach. She has also had a couple of big movie roles. She was in Broken Lizard's (Ouch) The Slammin Salmon. If we were to make a movie it would be called The Tasty Tuna. She also played a role in the blockbuster The Avengers. Gladly would I bring down the thrusting power of Thor. In all seriousness she is one very talented woman and also very easy on the eyes. We would like to welcome Cobie into the Hall of Hotties. Cobie if you read this, You + Me + Gravy = All night Canuck if you get what I am talking aboot.