Monday, June 18, 2012

Hall Of Hotties

 This is for all the Dad's out there. It might be a day late but it's better being late than never. Nothing says thank you like a picture of a hot chick!!!

I was born in the mid 80s. I remember one thing that my Dad and I would always do together. Our television set was always tuned into wrestling when it was on. I was a huge fan and to a lesser extent now cause I learned the business. I will never call it fake, it takes talent to do what they do. I am too big of a puss to get in the ring with any of those guys. Wrestling was a big part of my childhood. The moment where hogan slammed Andre. The night Hogan turned against all his fans. We all remember those good moments. However, for each good moment there are just as many bad moments. Want an example? Two guys were put in full body suits complete with masks. They were also wearing bells on their body. The name of that tag team? The Ding Dongs. The most infamous one and to my friends at sorry I am stealing your gimmick tonight. Speaking of things popping out of eggs. The World Wrestling Federation was teasing this egg. Yes, a giant egg. It was supposed to hatch on Pay Per View at the 1990 Survivor Series. The fateful night came. The egg hatched and what was inside? A guy in a giant turkey costume called The Gobbledy Gooker. What a let down! It would have been like playing Plinko on The Price is right and not winning a single dollar. How sucky at life do you have to be for that to happen? One more, David Arquette WCW Champion. Need I say more. However, there are some good things that you will want to do bad things too. Women of wrestling. Sexy and can move. I am also guessing very flexible. That is why the next induction in the Hall of Hotties will come from the world of wrestling and she is:
AJ Lee

I am giving the warning at this moment. This might end up being either dirtiest induction or the sweetest induction depending on how you look at it. Part Tomboy. Part Nerd. All Sexy. This 25 year old, girl next decided that wrestling was going to be a way of life for her. I wouldn't mind her trying a 5 knuckle shuffle on me. She started on the indie scene in 2007 working for Women Superstars Uncensored. I can already see that this is going to go down hill very quickly. Uncensored, you say. Want to get it on in the back of a moving semi truck going down the road in Tupelo Mississippi? She then was signed to a contract and sent down to Florida. One night with me, I know something else that would be warm and wet, if you will. She was later part of NXT the diva edition. She didn't win but I do know some predetermined positions that would be fantastic for Miss AJ and me to try. She can now be seen each week on WWE Raw and Smackdown. I want to lay the Smackdown on places that should not be talked about in front of senators from Michigan. She looks like the girl next door with a little bit of crazy rolled up in there. Speaking of small packages. I hope that wouldn't be a problem. I ran into a Japanese faction that tried to cut it off. We would like to welcome AJ Lee into the Hall of Hotties. AJ if you read this, If we're getting in the ring our match would last longer than 18 seconds anytime. It would be at least 30 seconds or if I am drunk an iron man match.

In a rarity for a Hall of Hotties, you are getting two pictures. Here is one of her in her ring gear, she can whip my ass anytime she damn well pleases.