Thursday, June 14, 2012

Retro Music Video (June 14)

We are back. Yes after the long hiatus we are gracing your computer screens again with the awesomeness that we are prone to give you. How do we make our return to the stage? We talk about something that changed the face of the world in 1992. They don't call this a retro video for nothing. I was talking with a friend yesterday. I was blowing off a little steam. You will find out about that a little later today. However a discussion of the communist company Coca Cola was brought up. He has a boner for all things Coke. I on the other hand have a boner for all things Pepsi. We do not see eye to eye in the cola wars. He told me he was going to change his loyalty to Pepsi. My mouth hit the damn floor. I was excited. I wanted to drink down a Pepsi and celebrate by turning someone away from the dark side. We got talking about the awesomeness of some of the products that were released by both companies. This little gem was the highlight of the conversation. I realized that words can not do it justice. But a picture could.
Crystal Pepsi. Yes. I was a young lad when this product hit the shelves in the year 92 but damn it it was full of pure unadulterated winning. I remember drinking it in 2 liter form and begging for more. By the time I got some more it was too late. I was a sad panda. Coca Cola released a version of Tab that was clear to try and compete with the Crystal Delight from Pepsi. I don't know how many of you have actually drank Tab let alone the clear version. I wonder if they even make Tab anymore. I read that clear Tab made you do weird things. It made you wear your pants backwards and go on walking trails. On said trail you would fall and tear out the knee of your jeans. However, it was really the back of your pants. One day for school, you put on your favorite pair of pants. The front totally looks fine but as soon as you turn around, Your mom would throw a fit as if Oprah gave her a car. She would be pissed and then you would have to explain as to why this happened. (Side note: Going pee in reverse pants had to be a bitch.) Clear Tab would also make you fly off the handle and do some crazy shit like Jump Jump.