Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Retro Music Video (June 27)

July is going to be the start of something big around around here at The Buzz Kill HQ. How big do you ask? I know you really didn't ask but you were thinking it, damn it. A staple of this site The Retro Music Video is going to have a little twist to it. You will be able to dedicate a video to a family member, a friend, a girl or guy you have fallen in love with, a guy or girl that has ripped your heart out as they hold it beating in their hand or just cause you want to hear a song that makes you feel old. The power will be in your hands. If you want to make a dedication or a request like us on Facebook or send us a message at

Starting next month the first of our sketch comedy will be debuting on this site. We are very excited to announce that it will be the beginning of the Not ready for YouTube Players. I hope everyone will enjoy these little gems from us here at The Buzz Kill. We are also debuting our first podcast. A long time coming. We are super excited.

Do you think you are sexy hot? Are you so hot that you can melt a bag of M&Ms? Enter our Hall of Hotties contest. More details coming soon.

I am feeling very fucking energetic lately. I think I figured out a secret to get more energy. It isn't from some cowboy trying to push 5 Hour Energy. I really want to knock the damn hat off the guy. The only people that wear Assless chaps is that one member of the Village People. Damn jackass. If that wannabe cowpoke tried to sneak up on me and asked me how much coffee I had to drink to make it work? I would throw the damn coffee in his face. Does that shit actually work for anyone? I tried it once and after having the worst taste in my mouth since I tried Kaopectate or since the last time I went down on a girl. I fell asleep after 20 minutes after drink that crap. That product is like Axe. I have been using their spray in hope that a gaggle of girls run up and start doing dirty things to me. Instead, I get girls who almost cry if they try to do anything with me. It's really sad but..... I have some kick ass energy. Want to know my secret? It was simple. A glass of Iced Tea and I rubbed one out. Best morning routine ever. Get out of bed, check Email, rub one out, eat some Fruit Loops. I have so much energy that I am Bouncing off the Ceiling.