Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Retro Music Video (June 6)

The worst possible thing happened over the last few days at Buzz Kill HQ. The internet went down. I repeat internet down. It was a difficult time. Not getting to write for you awesome people, not getting to watch random episodes of The Super Mario Brother Super Show on Netflix. I haven't watched an episode of that show since I was a kid. It made me realize something. What the fuck was wrong with me as a kid? That show was all kinds of messed up. Finally, no watching dirty movies on some random porn tube. It was a sad few days around here. I did the best thing anyone can do in this situation. I decided to take a small vacation. I thought this would be the best time to travel to the great state of California and check out an awesome theme park. I loaded up the family in the Station Wagon. We of course had to make a stop to see some family. I hate visiting family when there is a bigger mission at hand. They convinced us to take Grandma. I was pissed. Not cause of the old bat, but cause of her miserable excuse for a dog. I left it tied to the bumper. I didn't think dragging a dog was that illegal. I gave my son his first beer. Finally we arrive at our destination of Wally World only to find out it's closed. Son of a bitch, that is the what happened in the movie Vacation. In all honesty, I just kept my hand in my pants and ate a lot of hot pockets. The perfect time to be a bachelor. If I would have taken a vacation it would be down the Holiday Road.