Friday, June 29, 2012

A Very Special PSA

We here at The Buzz Kill blog like to warn you, our loyal reader of certain impending doom. It is in our DNA to bring facts and number that will make you steer clear of things that could hurt you in a lot of different ways. It doesn't matter if the Oreo that you eat makes you crave the cock or a celebrity shaves their head. I hope you know that if someone from tinsel town shaves their head, and you follow, it makes you something that hillbillies like to fuck. A Sheep. Here is a very special PSA from your friends at The Buzz Kill

We have all been on dates. That is a given, unless you are a nun. The only name that will be screamed by her is God. Have you been on that date where things get hot and heavy and you go back to their place? You rented a movie from Redbox and you go put your arm around that person and they pull away. Making you wonder if you have disgusting breath or bad body odor. If this has happened to you then it isn't you. A few years ago researchers from a university somewhere north of Canada discovered a mutated virus that will affect certain adults over the age 18. What is the pandemic sweeping the world? Adult Cooties. The way we were able to get rid of this as a kid was with a simple Circle Circle Dot Dot Shot. However, that will not work on Adult Cooties. Think of it like this. The Cockroach can adapt that certain poisons can't really effect it. Well, Adult Cooties have become so strong that the shot will just make it stronger. How do you know if you are suffering from this very tragic disease. 1. The word cuddle makes you so sick to your stomach. 2. Every time you hear the phrase reach out and touch someone, you start screaming in a panic as if you had seen your first boob or penis. 3. You want to rip the heads off of kittens. Not sure what that last one has to do with anything but it's bad. If you have had any of those symptoms then you have Adult Cooties. Right now there isn't a cure. We wanted to make you the reader more aware of things that people go through that will make us sit back and say, Well, that is all kinds of Bozo the Clown fucked up right there. We are praying for you. Cue the More You Know Graphic!!!