Saturday, July 07, 2012

I Have A Confession

So Mr. Moneybags finally dried up. I thought there goes that meal ticket...luckily his little swimmers defrosted enough to do the job. At least I hope it was his swimmers. Never know with these ultra thins now a days. His old biddy and cryogenic offspring are demanding a DNA test. Should've seduced his creepy child just in case. But the thought of his mom in the next room would have made him cum before I could get started. Imagine Richard with blond hair and a hair lip that's the old farts kid. He wears his mamas ass for a necklace too. Lord 65 and still sleeping in the same house as his mama. Anyway, hoping my gravy train is in. I only get 2 mill as a widow but if this little bun is his, 269 million. I hit the Powerball and didn't even try. Oh yes, mommy wants a private island please.

Anyway the bitch wants me to prove its his so I went to the Dr. MTV needs a swift kick in the ass. There's more teenagers there than at a keg party. Shoot me if I ever put my kid on a leash. I don't know how the little snots aren't terrified of him. If I had a red monster trying to stalk and eat me, I wouldn't want to watch him.

Then the nurses...what is pregnancy contagious or something? But Dr. mcdreamy mmm mmmmmm yummy. When he examined me it was almost as good as stock boy. He seemed awfully worried about the lack of...exercise during pregnancy. He sent the nurse to the next patient so he could answer any questions. I had a lot of questions. He answered all of them and more than once, I might add.

What, oh yeah, Anyways. Where was I? Oh yes well now we just gotta wait around and see how this ends.

Now remember girls till next time. Be safe put a cap on it at least till you confirm the bank balance.

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