Monday, July 02, 2012

More Info on The Hall Of Hotties Contest

I have a had a few questions since we introduced The Hall Of Hotties contest. I wanted to answer them here on the site.

One of the main questions that we are getting is who is judging. Our judges for this contest comes from all walks of life. We have a crossdresser, an asshole, a college grad, some guy we picked off the street, an improv actor and a WOMAN!!! Yes, we have a woman judge. I am not judging this contest. I am just writing the induction.  I have seen the scores for a couple of entries and I am being honest. ANYONE CAN WIN!!! This is going to be one very open contest. You really should enter.

There are two ways to enter. You can enter yourself on our Facebook page or through are email You can also nominate someone to for our contest as well. If you are nominating someone. Please include a way to get a hold of them if they make the top three. 

The top 3 will be announced on our Facebook page after the entry period ends on July 27th. Then it is up to you the readers as a poll will be later put on the site. If you make the final three and are not picked as the winner, you still receive a prize yourself. To be determined later.

What are you waiting for, ENTER NOW!!!!

Here is our shitty youtube ad for the competition =)

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