Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Retro Music Video (July 18)

Is it wrong for a grown man to want to get breast implants just so he can something to play with? Is that wrong of me? I am growing to a point of loneliness that I can not explain. Things are starting to go south for me in this dept. I just want to find a random stranger who wants to cuddle and likes being tickled occasionally. Enough of me complaining. We got that three days a week already. Does anyone really want to hear that any more? This weekend is going to be all out Retro Weekend. A retro induction into both Halls. Retro Videos, and a few surprises that I have to get drunk to think of first. Also, ladies have you entered The Hall of Hotties Contest? See the big red banner under our logo created by the most kick ass man in America? Click it and enter it. I am having movie night. On the list to watch is Rocky Horror. You know what I am doing? I am going to Sabotage my awesome night.

Want to download this song the right way? This way you don't have to be someone's prison bitch. Head on over to iTunes and download the Beasties and the other artist featured in The Retro Music Videos.